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Beer Summit T-Shirts

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The arrest of Henry Louis Gates last week pushed the racial divide in this country to the front lines of media coverage and became the focal point for the nation for a few days. President Barack Obama ignited more controversy when he proclaimed that the Cambridge Police Department and officer James Crowley acted “stupidly”.

This has currently become a huge issue in America, we aren’t taking a stance but we are pretty impressed with Obama’s solution to the situation: Having a beer summit. Obama invited both Gates and Barrett to the White House to share a beer and talk through their differences. Beer can be the great equalizer and if more people in this country sat down and talked out their differences over beer the country would probably be a better place. That being said we decided to design a t-shirt to celebrate the beer summit, which might be one of the coolest things to happen in the White House this decade.

Beer us some racial equality! Get the t-shirt here.

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