Can you imagine the impression a pro-football team would make if it came onto the field at game time wearing whatever clothes they could find? What about a marching band representing their school in a parade, wearing the same clothes they’d wear to class? Seems kind of ludicrous doesn’t it? It certainly lacks professionalism. Who’s going to take them seriously?
It’s really the same for small businesses. No matter if the business is a soft-serve yogurt shop, or a lawn care maintenance team, or a summer sports camp crew, everyone wants to look professional. Like a team. And part of what makes a team look like a team and feel like a team is a uniform.

Custom t-shirts fill the bill.

Because small businesses have small budgets they can’t go splurging on fancy jackets and braided hats. Not everyone wants to look like their employees have escaped from the nearest fast food franchise. So the simplest, most economical way to create that team look is with custom t-shirts. Seriously, they aren’t that expensive, they look good in a group, and they sell your company.

That’s right, branding sell your company. Let say you do have a landscape business. And you’ve got a team out in a neighborhood cutting a lawn and trimming the hedges. Someone walking by would see just some workers cutting and trimming. But then you put those same workers in branded apparel with your business logo splashed across the back. Now that person walking by doesn’t just see some workers cutting and trimming. They see your workers cutting and trimming. A team of your workers, with your business logo right there. You’re looking professional. That person is going to remember your company.

A happy business promotes itself.

Creating a sense of team is good for morale, too. Employees that feel good about their job work better, and talk about their business. A simple and effective step towards creating that morale, that feeling of being part of a team, is as simple as business shirts. Say you have a summer soccer camp for young boys and girls. They arrive to find your team ready, wearing clothing that distinguishes them from the parents and other random people. Your team of coaches doesn’t feel like a rabble, they feel like they belong to something. And that attitude will pay off in how they work. Productivity and employee loyalty are on the rise.

Is personalized apparel a silver bullet?

Outfitting everyone in your company with custom business uniforms isn’t going to make you a millionaire. But it may be a start. That’s because you’re going to have something that someone else wants. That something is a motivated team that not only acts like a team, feels like a team, but looks like a team.

Where do I get mine?

You want someone as reliable as yourself to help create your business branding. You could search the internet. And search and search and…well, you get the idea. Why not jump to the head of the line and DesignAShirt now! Like you, DesignAShirt believes in doing things right.


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