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Balloon Boy Hoax T-Shirt

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All the world stopped on Thursday to watch the plight of a six-year-old boy, stuck in a balloon that was floating more than 7,000 feet about the ground. Rumors spread like wildfire: Did the boy fall out of the balloon? Was the boy ever in the balloon? Finally the little boy, Falcon Henne, was revealed to be in an attic all along. He was just a scared little boy, fearing his dad would be mad at him for playing with the balloon. It was a charming little media story until we found out it was all a hoax.

The nation first realized the major news story of the day might be a hoax when Falcon said on CNN that the family “did this for the show.” The parents quickly denied it, saying the boy was confused. But authorities continued their investigation and have officially ruled it was a hoax. The family, looking to create a media stir to help them sell a reality TV show, concocted the entire balloon incident. It became more and more clear after Falcon’s comment when the family kept doing interviews, going on a whirlwind media tour that seemed odd for a family that just had a major crisis. Authorities will now be looking to charge the family with conspiracy and are seeking damages for the money that was spent trying to recover Falcon in the first place. The father, Richard Henne, could be subject to jail time and a hefty fine.

Obviously we couldn’t let such a unique story pass without creating this t-shirt. Now we can always remember the time when the nation was tricked into believing a little boy was trapped in a balloon.

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