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Bachelorette T-Shirts

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The Bachelor and Bachelorette are two of ABC’s most famous shows and two long running reality shows. The show centers around a single man or woman looking for love. This man or woman goes on multiple dates with contestants, eliminating a few every show until only one contestant is left. These two then get married.

The show doesn’t always match soul mates, in fact it rarely matches them. Of the 18 seasons of the show (both Bachelor and Bachelorette combined) only five couples are still together. Only one Bachelor contestant is still with the girl he chose, while four Bachelorette contestants are currently with the men they chose. There have been multiple contestants that have refused to pick a mate, leaving the show without a real conclusion.

The show is best known for its rose ceremonies. These happen at the end of each episode when the bachelor or bachelorette give a rose to the contestants that they want to stay. A rose is a symbol of love and we used it as our main design on our Bachelorette t-shirt. This simple design, just one rose on a black t-shirt, indicates the final rose, the one given to the winner. Give a final rose to someone you care about with your very own Bachelorette t-shirt.

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