iPhone has announced their latest product, the iPhone 3GS. This newest product in the iPhone line promises the same qualities you loved about the original iPhone while adding new features that the public as been clamoring for. The 3GS finally offers the public an iPhone with MMS support, meaning you can send picture and video texts to all of your friends. It offers tethering, which means you can connect the phone to a computer and use the wireless Internet associated with the iPhone to power your computer’s browser. Basically, this makes the iPhone similar to a portable wireless modem. The 3GS also allows you to download iTunes music, movies and TV shows from the iTunes store onto your iPhone. The 3GS may very well be the most versatile phone in the history of telephone communication.

The problem? AT&T;, which has an exclusive contract with Apple to be the only service for these phones, isn’t offering any of these features. If you want MMS, you are going to have to wait until AT&T; incorporates it later in the summer. The tethering function is very cool, but AT&T; will not be offering it at this time. AT&T; also has one of the slowest Internet speeds of all providers, meaning that downloading from the iTunes store is probably going to take forever.

The improvements that Apple is making to their iPhone could revolutionize a generation, but they are stuck out at sea because AT&T; is a giant anchor impeding their progress. Are you an iPhone user that is sick of AT&T;? Show your disgust with our iPhone t-shirt.

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