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Artie Lange Crosses Line On Joe Buck Live

Last night was the first ever episode of Joe Buck Live, a new HBO show hosted by baseball and football play by play man Joe Buck. The show, which replaces Costas Now, is designed to be a hour long talk show discussing sports. Joe Buck had a big guest for his debut show, former Jets and Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre. None of that will be remembered, however, as comedian Artie Lang stole the show.

Joe Buck invited Lange on to discuss sports and entertainment, but Lange spent the entire show making vulgar remarks and antagonizing Joe Buck. He made homosexual remarks about Buck and Tony Romo, called Jessica Simpson a “fat chick” and told Buck his show wouldn’t make it past four episodes. At one point Joe Buck told Artie Lang to take his feet of the table, to which Artie Lang replied “‘I’m trying to get comfortable. Somebody should look natural on this show.”

If you are an Artie Lang fan or a Joe Buck hater, this is the t-shirt for you. Always remember what Artie Lang did to Joe Buck on the first episode of his own show. Get the t-shirt of what will be one of the most talked about events in the sports world for the next few days.

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