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Cotton, Cotton, Cotton…everyone seems to be talking about cotton these days and as retailers raise their prices to cover the increasing cost of goods, Anton Sport/DesignAShirt thinks we should protect our customers by taking every opportunity to combat those rising costs. As most of you know, we’ve already implemented efforts in cutting costs in other areas so our customers won’t be impacted and as of last week, we’ve taken those efforts one step further by locking in the price of our goods by stockpiling 175,000 of our best-sellers, black and white Hanes Tagless Tees. Since purchasing the stock, the price of these shirts has gone up as much as $0.40 each. Retailers and especially, small businesses can’t eat those costs over an extended period of time and so they pass on the cost to the consumer. By locking in the cost of these shirts, Anton Sport/DesignAShirt can not only to ensure our customers won’t be impacted by this but we can also pass on some of the savings that we’ve benefited from by purchasing in bulk.

Read all about in today’s Wall Street Journal. is the online division of Anton Sport, Inc.

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