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Looks like the lack of supplies and the rising demand of cotton worldwide has increased the price of cotton by 100% this year alone compared to the 29% increase of gold. Who does this affect? Unfortunately, everyone! Some manufacturers and retailers, will be adjusting their blends to keep costs down, meaning that 50/50 blend tee you like so much may be 75/25 blend tee. Take a guess which one is cotton? While others like  Levis, Kohl’s, Hanes, Abercombie, Aeropastale, Guess, all our favorite brands will soon have to succumb to the rising pressures of the price surge in raw materials. So, the same pair of jeans or t-shirts you’ve become accustomed to is going to cost just a little bit more than usual come Spring, if not sooner.

Please note: DesignAShirt is making an effort to cut costs in other areas so our customers won’t be impacted by this.

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