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Seeing t-shirts differently

Every week we try to share new and useful information on how t-shirts impact all sorts of facets of our lives. We talk about different types of t-shirts and their specific uses. We explore t-shirt design ideas for different types of life events. We share tips and tricks on how to make high quality t-shirt designs. We even look at how t-shirts can impact politics, camaraderie with sports teams, schools, and families. But just how can custom t-shirts have an effect on your business? Here’s some thoughts on t-shirts in the workplace you many have never considered.

T-shirt sizing is something that you hardly even have to think about. Everybody knows what size t-shirt they wear if it’s a unisex Hanes Tagless Tees for example. Employees will rarely have anxiety about how it will look on them because almost everyone on the planet has worn a t-shirt at one time or another.

T-shirts are extremely affordable to have printed. When ordering custom t-shirts, to keep costs down, a white t-shirt with a single color print is almost always the least expensive option. We even offer the DAS Value Tee that is guaranteed to be the most cost effective t-shirt product we offer. The DAS Value tee is an alternating product which is simply the least expensive on-sale t-shirt we can buy from any of our suppliers. We pass the savings on to you resulting in an extremely cheap option for business uniforms. The cost per t-shirt goes down when ordering in bulk so that’s something to keep in mind when placing your order. It could pay off to speak with one of our customer service team to discover where significant price breaks can occur.

T-shirts are highly adaptable. Designing on a t-shirt affords the artist to use any messaging and explore all kinds of designs. Because they are so affordable, trying different advertising concepts is worthwhile to see which ones resonate with your staff and customers the best. There are printing options available for just about any type of idea like puff ink, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, metallic gold, silver, and copper. Screen printing and digital printing also offer different types of final product such as vibrant and intense colors or full color photo like quality.

The turnaround time for acquiring custom made t-shirts can be surprising. Consider the time it takes to have anything custom made. It usually requires weeks while we’ve been able to hone down production and delivery time to a mere 10-calendar days. If you find yourself in a pinch though and need them even sooner, we do offer even quicker options of 3 and 5 business days for an extra fee.

T-shirt types are plentiful. Depending on the purpose of your tees, there are options for just about anything. Need performance wear for outdoor staff? We’ve got that. Are you looking for t-shirts with men’s and women’s options? We’ve got that. Need something printed on sustainable products. We offer that. Even if you need something that fits everybody from youth sizes to 6XL, we can source that too. Need something with a more professional edge? We can embroider and print on polos as well.

Don’t forget about the comfort factor that t-shirts offer. Many employees and customers will be grateful to have the option to wear something that is 100% cotton or made of a soft cotton-poly blend. The fit of a good quality t-shirt is flattering on just about any body type too.

The feeling of being part of team is hard to ignore if you’re all wearing the same t-shirt uniform. It’s much easier for customers to recognize whose attention to gain if there are problems with services or questions on products if your staff is easily identifiable with branded company t-shirts. Staff uniforms can also improve the safety of your event when the proper identification of staff is easy to recognize. Additionally standardized company t-shirts can help reduce the stress HR may have to deal with when some employees refuse to understand the company dress code. If a company logoed t-shirt is the norm for your business, there’s zero chance for misinterpretation.

As with many schools nowadays, a uniform can also reduce the anxiety members of your team may feel about keeping up appearances in concert with some of the more highly paid staff. From the general manager, to the cleanup crew, everyone can feel they have an equal footing as regards to how they represent your company. T-shirts are so versatile, you can dress them up or down in accordance with the type of company you have.

Giving away your branded t-shirts to customers is a favorite method for promoting businesses. Everyone knows what a t-shirt is and there are so many uses for them. T-shirts are a universal garment and whether your customers use your t-shirt giveaway as workout clothes, something to make a dash to the store in, or something to wear on weekends it will always be a useful item to promote your company.

T-shirt giveaways can also increase brand loyalty since your showing your customers how much you value their business. T-shirts have stood the test of time and while trends come and go, the t-shirt will always have a place in fashion since they are so comfortable and convenient.

We hope we’ve presented a different way to look at t-shirts in the workplace thoroughly and you can see just how your business can use t-shirts to unify your team quickly and affordably, and how to use t-shirts to promote your business with customers.

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