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5 Quick Tips For Ordering Custom T-Shirts Online

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We know it can be scary to place a big order for custom t-shirts online. You may worry about choosing the right sizes, the right product, the right output process, (screen print or digital print) and the final product. We have printed millions of custom t-shirts for customers all over the U.S.A. and we have experts to guide you through every phase of the process. Here are some pro tips that will make the ordering process seamless.

1.       Start with the right product

What purpose will your custom t-shirt order serve? Are you buying jerseys for the team or mementos for a bachelorette party? Hanes is always a popular choice for quality, durability and color choices plus you can choose from a variety of styles like Cool Dri specifically designed to keep the wearer cool and protected from UV rays. Junior styles are favored by women looking for a snug, feminine fit. Is your event taking place in the summer? Tank tops and sleeveless tees provide an excellent summer-friendly choice. Different products impact the cost per unit. The weight can range from light to heavy and color choices can range from a few to all the colors under the rainbow.

2.       Choose the right sizes

Sizing can vary dramatically by product. Some product lines are designed for a certain body type in mind. An XXL in one product might fit more like a Large in another. Pay attention to specific notes in our product catalog to see if sizes run small or large. The manufacturer will often provide specific measurements for chest, waist and hips so to ensure you choose the right sizes, consider gathering measurements from your group.

3.       Screen Printing VS. Digital Printing

The best method of printing depends on many factors. Cost per unit typically has a big influence on the choice. Screen printing is by far the less expensive method but does require a minimum order of six shirts. With screen printing, oftentimes the colors can be more vibrant, the ink will be thicker and more durable plus specialty inks can be used such as glitter and neon. Digital printing is the default choice for small and highly detailed orders. Digital printing is quite similar to printing from an office printer. This is best if your art is intricate and requires diverse colors. An example of screen printed and digitally printed art can be seen here.

4.       The Design

You can choose to personalize one of our pre-made design templates with your organization or event name and colors or you can upload your own custom artwork in our design studio. You can even design a hybrid. The most important thing when using your own custom artwork is the quality of the uploaded art. The old saying goes garbage in, garbage out. While our in-house graphic artists examine every order set to go to print, high resolution artwork will ensure a clean print. Carefully examine your proof before signing off on the print. We make every effort to print exactly what the proof reflects. If you still have concerns we can provide a sample print to ensure your total satisfaction.

5.       Art to Product Size Ratio

One last tip when ordering custom t-shirts online is to think about the design size to product size ratio. If we receive an order with a range of different sizes, we will scale the design to fit the smallest shirt size and use the same screen to print the rest of the order. This may have a prominent impact if your sizes range from youth extra small to XXXL. If this is concerning, you may order two sizes of art for an extra charge to maintain and approximate ratio across sizes. If your design is on the small size initially, this extra step may not be needed at all.

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