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We love to print t-shirts, but sometimes we get requests from customers to print graphics that we know are copyrighted. We can never print copyrighted graphics or logos except of course with permission from the copyright holder. Because we know people love to create unique and personalized apparel, we researched some fantastic free tools that will allow you to create some very different types of art and use it for your own t-shirt. These tools offer copyright free use of your creation but only for personal use. Warning, you are entering a time sucking, fun zone.

1.       Graffiticreator

Need street swag? This tool allows you to choose your street style font and customize the look with different fills, outlines, and backdrops.

2. Weavesilk

This tool creates ethereal imagery based upon the movement of your cursor within the interface. Have fun with this zen-like experience.

3. Piq

Simple name, simple art. Love Minecraft-style art? This tool allows you to create your own pixel art! 

1. Bomono

For the artist that likes to explore possibilities. This tool isn’t for the type that needs absolute control, Bomono has a mind of its own.

5. Hero Machine

This tool is awesome and allows you to develop your own superhero. Choose all the components of your hero’s appearance. Mix and match, colorize and then take a screenshot. 

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