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30 T-Shirt Designs for Every Personality on your Holiday List

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Coming up with gift ideas for everyone on your list isn’t always easy. Coming up with ideas that are customizable is even harder. Let’s face it, not everyone likes the same t-shirt product. Even if you do find a slogan or design on a retail t-shirt that expresses your loved one’s personality perfectly, they may not like color it comes in. Or they prefer Bella over Hanes, or maybe they only wear hoodies.

That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect t-shirt idea list for every personality type on your holiday gift giving list. These designs are fully customizable. Change the font, colors, add text or images, and most importantly, switch out the product to make it absolutely perfect!

The Drinker

The Cheerleader

The Politician

The Selfie

The Do-Gooder

The Child Obsessed Mother

The Fitness Fanatic

The Sports Fanatic

The Foodie

The Cat Person

The Dog Person

The Fixer

The Adrenaline Junkie

The Introvert

The Extrovert

The Gamer

The Optimist

The Pessimist

The Hunter

The Grump

The Partier

The Militant

The Lover

The Coffee Enthusiast

The Techie

The Geek

The Greek

The Shakespearian

The Psychologist

The Photographer

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