We really believe that t-shirts solve all types of problems including giving you a better hair day. Don’t believe us? Check out these amazing examples!

Donata White has a You Tube channel, Primal Beauty Queen, which covers topics concerning health, beauty and lifestyle. She also has curly hair and like a lot of women with curly hair, she spends a lot of time uncurling it with blow dryers and flat irons. That is until she discovered and made famous a technique to make your natural curls look fabulous and what do you know, it requires a t-shirt! The technique requires the application of hair products. Then you lay a large cotton t-shirt flat on a surface, flip your hair over your head and let if hang down in front of you and carefully lower your hair onto the tee allowing your curls to coil up. The wrapping aspect is far better explained in the video below.

T-shirts not only help with great curly hair, they can help with straight or straightened hair too. The t-shirt hair drying method is fantastic because tees are typically made with ring spun cotton. Ring spun cotton is much smoother with a tight weave which doesn’t rough up the hair cuticle like a towel can. 

Sunshyne owns Hairlicious Inc. and Hairlista.com featuring a diary of hair care. She recommends the t-shirt hair drying method to maintain the sleekness and smoothness of her amazing mid-back length locks. It’s so easy but the results are quite noticeable. Check out the instructional video below:

So we’ve covered how t-shirts help make naturally curly hair look fabulous but what about women with naturally straight hair that want gorgeous curls but hate burning their hair with curling irons? T-shirts come to the rescue again along with another unexpected assistant, Sharpie pens!

This method hurts us just a bit since it requires cutting up and old tee but sacrifices must be made in the name of better hair. Cut a large portion from the bottom of an old tee and cut strips that are about the width of your thumb. Then cut those strips into smaller pieces about 6 inches long. The Sharpie aspect of the method is best explained visually with the video below made by Thuha, a hair and fashion YouTube maven:

We hope you enjoyed seeing these  3 unexpected ways t-shirts can give you a better hair examples. If you have any t-shirt hair hacks to share please do so!

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