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2009 Home Run Derby T-Shirts

The home run derby is a rite of summer. Every year the best sluggers in the game (well, the best sluggers in the game who are interested in showing up) gather the night before the All-Star game and do what they do best, hit long home runs. The 24th Home Run Derby was won last night by Prince Fielder. Fielder, the slugging first baseman from Milwaukee, managed to defeat Nelson Cruz and derby favorite Albert Pujols to claim his first ever derby crown.

During the height of the steroid era the Home Run Derby used to be an amazing show. Players that were juiced to extremes would literally launch baseballs out of the ballpark. As the steroid allegations increased the Home Run Derby became a running joke, the ultimate evidence that baseball players had been juicing for years. Now that the game is clean the derby is more pure, but we have to admit that the derby was a lot more fun during the steroid era.

Celebrate the Home Run Derby and poke a little fun at the game itself with this unique t-shirt. Get it here.

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