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You may not have a deep understanding of everyone on your Christmas list but if you know just a little bit about their personality, this t-shirt design guide can help you score points on their list. Think of the main trait that stands out most in your mind about that person and read the brief description to see what kind of t-shirt design will make an excellent personalized Christmas gift. It’s easy to change the t-shirt style and colors in our custom tee shirt design studio.

I work best with my selves

The Duty Fulfiller–

This person is totally dependable, responsible, and works hard at achieving defined goals. They are very supportive of established traditions and can fixate on the task at hand.

I got this

The Mechanic–

Of course this person wants to know how and why things work and is mechanically inclined. They live day to day and by their own rules but are fiercely loyal to friends. Usually emotionally disengaged, they excel at anything that requires mechanical analysis.

Be kind

The Nurturer–

Subdued, and introspective, they are totally reliable and feel most fulfilled when helping others. They crave security and easily pick up on cues from others from acute observation. Their home and workspace is carefully furnished for a sense of well-being and purpose.

Pretty Things

The Artist–

Sensitive, mild, and creative, they will avoid confrontation to keep the peace. They are true friends and steadfast partners. They live in the present and have no interest in controlling or being controlled by others. They surround themselves with beauty and appreciate authenticity.

Not my circus, not my monkeys

The Protector–

Against conflict and protective of their own feelings and those close to them, they are difficult to know. They usually have an overdeveloped sense of intuition and a complex value system and rarely deviate from their own defined boundaries. They are deeply caring but project the same high expectations for improvement on their families that they do upon themselves.

You can’t always be strong but you can always be brave

The Idealist–

This personality type needs a sense of purpose and is looking to make a difference in the world. They are kindhearted and sincere but will ferociously defend their ideals if threatened. Because of their idealistic standards, logic and impersonal observation are not a strong point. They make people feel comfortable because they genuinely listen and express interest.

Life is way more interesting inside my head

The Scientist–

Living in a world of strict doctrines and analytics they energetically come up with ideas and understand others. They are attracted to useful concepts that can be applied to solve problems. Sometimes unexpressive, the scientist personality is typically introspective which makes them seem aloof. Highly competent, they will likely have a career in science or engineering.

I never lose. Either I win or I learn

The Thinker–

Theory is everything to this personality type because of the possibilities. Their obsession with logic and analysis may hinder the development of personal relationships although they easily enjoy casual friendships with kindred spirits. They enjoy autonomy and their idiosyncrasies lead to a freedom to pursue their atypical musings.

Excuse me, I have to go be awesome

The Doer–

Action oriented, this personality type is adventurous and takes opportunities to the fullest without hesitance. They notice the physical assertiveness of others to determine attitudes and because of this ability, they perceive others intentions. They are quick on their feet and root their thinking in logic. Typically very intelligent, the tedium of the classroom isn’t where they excel. They are great at mobilizing others with their energy.


The Guardian–

This personality type is incredibly responsible and has deeply held beliefs that they expect others to respect. Their Alpha tendencies make them naturel choices for leadership particularly civic roles. They are fun loving but very logical and sensible and work diligently to bring goals to fruition.

Tacos and Tequila

The Performer–

Warm hearted and genuinely concerned about the emotions of others, this personality type is always trying to engage others and spread cheer. Although they are not interested in outlining and analyzing all of their actions, they are most often the life of the party and ideal to have on any team. They typically have an evolved appreciation for the good things in life and have well-developed aesthetics.


The Caregiver–

Popular because of their caring attitudes and unfailingly optimistic in the belief of others worth and goodness, this personality is a pillar. They excel at accomplishing projects that may be out of the scope of others. They value systems, structure, and security, and find true joy in making others happy.

Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles

The Inspirer–

Intelligent and influential, this personality lives in the warm embrace of hope and potential. Living each day to its fullest, meaning is implied to every action and circumstance in their life. They are passionate about undertakings but sometimes lose interest when charmed by a new prospect.

Thankful, grateful & blessed

The Giver–

A people person to the core, this personality type charms those around them to be their best. At times withdrawing in solitude, the Giver replenishes the well of giving. Natural counselors, creatives, and hosts, they are most satisfied when giving care.

Me? Crazy? I should get down off this unicorn and slap you

The Visionary–

Highly intuitive, the Visionary spends life absorbing everything around them developing a mental database reference that enables them to quickly and accurately evaluate situations. Possibilities in every situation intrigue them so they are likely to engage in debate to play Devil’s Advocate. Innovative and original with advanced problem solving skills, their insights lead to expansive possibilities.

Mind over matter

The Executive–

Providing leadership comes natural and they take command when it comes to challenges. Working out problems leads to them typically succeeding in the realm of business. Although a strong personality, they can often be very sentimental. Action-oriented, they have the skill set needed to accomplish their lofty goals.

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