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We get really excited around the holiday season just like most people. Finding ways to delight our customers and make our brand the type of brand people can feel a connection with is an authentic goal for us at DesignAShirt. This is the 2nd year we’ve ran a promotion called The 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway and although it’s not over yet, we want to give all of our readers an opportunity to see the designs we’ve come up.

Over the course of several weeks we went through hundreds of designs to settle on the 12 we’d use this year. Last year we came up with designs that we’re from all walks of life, events, and careers. This year we chose to stick to holiday only themed shirts. We hope you like them and if you get a chance follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified of your chance to win one!

Don’t Open ‘Till Christmas

The first t-shirt design we used for the 1st Day of our Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is really special to us because our Customer Service Manager, Jessie, is due to give birth this December to her second child. A Christmas baby is something very special and although we had some initial misgivings about using the design because it’s very specific, it’s turned out to be one of the most popular thus far in the giveaway. Who knew there would be that many expectant mothers due this December? One of our artists created several different versions of the bow that drapes across the belly and the Christmas tag all which are available to use in our design studio clip art. We added “Don’t open ‘till Christmas” using one of our standard fonts available in our custom t-shirt design studio. We can’t wait to meet Jessie’s new baby later this month!

Staching Through the Snow

Our second design for the 2nd Day of our Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is a mustache themed Christmas t-shirt. The facial hair phenomenon doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon and the waxed mustache has become an iconic symbol in the hipster culture. We also like to show our customers how using our design studio clip art in surprising and creative ways can lead to a very unique design. We copied and pasted the same piece of clip art and enlarged each copy just bit to build out a cascading mustache Christmas tree with a star topper. The added text, “Staching through the Snow” is a play on the lyrics of “Jingle Bells.”

It’s the Most Wonderful Time for a Beer

Our third design for the 3rd Day of our Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is a beer theme. Obviously beer has been an important part of culture throughout history with roots as far back as the ancient Egyptians who primarily brewed it for its nutritional value. Today, beer brewing is diverse and many breweries strive to create unique, artisanal based recipes to stand out from the behemoths of the industry that often buy out smaller companies to keep their hold on the market. Craft beers are very popular in the Northwest United States but there are many thriving local breweries where our warehouse is located in Tempe, AZ. Some of which we proudly print custom t-shirts for. Understanding the cultural love for a good brew, we included this design because truly, the holiday season is the “Most Wonderful Time for a Beer.”

Oy to the World

Our fourth design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is not Christmas themed at all but rather in recognition of non-Christian cultural systems and beliefs. We strive to be all-inclusive and wanted to provide a spotlight for our Jewish customer base. Embracing diversity is a core value at DesignAShirt. We debated whether to use a dreidel or the Star of David in the design and ultimately settled on the Star of David because we thought the dreidel was too commonly used to represent Hanukkah. The play on “Joy to the World” reading “Oy to the World” is simply our designer’s sense of humor.

The Christmas Cheer is Strong

Our fifth design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is all about Star Wars and the release of The Last Jedi in mid-December. The Force is a metaphysical description of the power behind both good and evil in the Star Wars universe. Darth Vader stated “The force is strong with this one” in the very first Star Wars movie as he’s trying to blow up Luke Skywalker in an epic dog fight. We altered it to provide a holiday cheer twist and asked our biggest Star Wars fan to model the tee. Obviously she was delighted to do so since she got to keep the tee as compensation for modeling.

Best Gift Ever

Our sixth design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway was created for anyone with a newborn around the holiday season in mind. The photo opportunity alone is priceless. Imagine using this concept for Christmas greeting cards. One that family, especially the grandparents would love to receive. The design could also be used by people of all ages as a gag gift.

Let it Grow

Our seventh design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is homage to the wild popularity of beards. A play on the Christmas song, “Let it Snow,” Let it grow is ideal for anyone that’s proud to be a member of beard culture. Our particular model has been growing his for more than three years so he’s the perfect person to represent with this tee.

Lit AF

Our eighth design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is a joke t-shirt about drinking. For a lot of us the holidays are about having a good time. Good times can be enhanced with a little help from alcohol. We decided on this design because it incorporates the concept of holiday Christmas lights and drinking. The term, “AF” is somewhat socially acceptable replacement for words that many of us love to use and is pretty popular in custom t-shirt design currently.

Joyful, Merry, & Blessed

Our ninth design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is a girly concept. “Joyful, Merry, & Blessed” is perfect for anyone wanting to exude the holiday spirit. We used three different fonts and Christmas coordinated colors to show how even simple words can be transformed into a fetching t-shirt design.

You Sit on a Throne of Lies

Our tenth design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is based upon the massively popular Christmas movie, Elf, starring Will Ferrell. We are all big fans of the film so we created elf shoes and added them to our design studio along with a quote from the movie. Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy, is dismayed that a mall Santa is trying to impersonate the real deal and trick children into believing he’s the authentic Santa. He whispers to the mall Santa, “You sit on a throne of lies.” It’s just one of many memorable quotes we could have used but decided this one is unmistakable and will go down in the holiday movie hall of fame.

Wine Christmas

Our eleventh design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is a play on the song, “White Christmas” but with wine as the dominate theme. We’ve added ugly Christmas sweater elements to enhance this fun Christmas t-shirt logo. Our model was an enthusiastic participant!

Gingerbread Boy

The final design for the 12 Days of Christmas T-shirt Giveaway is a funny shirt designed with photo opportunities in mind. Imagine seeing this post in one of your friend’s feeds this holiday season. It’s also a great concept for Christmas greeting cards. We created a gingerbread boy and gingerbread girl both of which are available in our design studio for your own personalized gingerbread child photo shoots.

Check out all of our Christmas themed holiday t-shirts in our Christmas T-shirt idea gallery. Customize your own by changing fonts, colors, and custom apparel products.

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