Today is a visually pleasing day on the calender as the date reads 09/09/09. There are only 12 dates in a century where the month, date and year match. After 12/12/12 we will have to wait until 2101 for our next trio date (that would be 01/01/01 of course). Days when the trio of month, day and year are the same are always popular days for promotion, lore and astrology. People who have birthdays today are considered to be lucky. The movie 9, even though it is a Wednesday, chose today for its release. Perhaps the biggest story of the day is the Beatles. 09/09/09 can very well be considered Beatles day. A remastered collection of all Beatles albums is going to be released today. The new video game, Beatles Rock Band, is also pegged to be released today. Finally, there is rumor that Apple will announce today that its online music store, iTunes, will start selling their music. Yes, today is a big day for the most famous band in history.

Celebrate an odd day with your very own t-shirt. 09/09/09 isn’t going to happen again for 100 years, so you better start celebrating today. You can get the t-shirt here. Go out and celebrate the day and remember, the next day like this will be October 10th, 2010.

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