Come on Down! You're the Next Contestant!

Have you ever dreamed of being a contestant on your favorite popular game show? Perhaps becoming the next reality star is more your speed? Whatever the case, we know that all the standout participants often have a secret commonality: They all rock awesome unique custom shirts!

Whether you want Drew to hand you a pile of Plinko chips, or have Jillian coach you to physical perfection, you first have to show that you have all the pizzazz of a rising television star! Check out these example shirts to get your T.V. dreams churning.

An insider tip to remember is that for certain game shows like The Price is Right, you may want to have something printed on the back for when you face away from the cameras in order to spin the Big Wheel! Or try creating a joke with the punchline on the back, a great way to break the ice with any superstar host.

So when you do become a star, remember your friends over at who helped you get your start! One last tip: If your dream is to become the next Jeopardy star, you may want to consider something other than a t-shirt. Custom tie? Crewneck? We'll have to ask Trebeck and get back to you.

Color of the Year 2014

Here at we love color. Every day we feel lucky to work with such creative customers who choose awesome custom t-shirt and ink colors that reflect their personal tastes. Sometimes  it's hard to be inspired to design, and then that perfect color comes along and blasts your brain with a jolt of creativity! Check out Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014 and get inspired!

Radiant_Orchid_PANTONE_2014_Color_of_the_Year_03_gallery copy.jpg

Every year Pantone releases a special "Color of the Year". This year's color, Radiant Orchid is a beautiful shade of purple that is both calming, and eye opening. Check out the past ten years of Pantone Color of the Year:

Color of the Year.jpg

This collection of colors is very different than common colors we see on a daily basis, just think of how unique they will look on your custom shirt! We can create nearly any color of ink, and we are especially good at matching colors using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) 


If you don't see the exact color you are looking for from our huge selection of inks in the Design Studio, pick something that is close, and leave us a note in the "Add Comments" section to get exactly what you want. Custom shirts are all about being original, so try out some one of a kind color combinations on your shirt today!

Meet the Beard Crew

When the weather starts cooling down, it's time for the beards to grow out. The beard is man's best natural defense against the winter air, and plus it just looks cool. Here at DesignAShirt we have several employee's who all rock their own style of beard. Come and meet the beard crew and tell us your favorite!


Screen-printing Master Lalo and Shipping Guru Dillon both take the top spot for length in the office. While they may not be Gandalf length beards they're still  pretty impressive. Who knows, give them a few months and we could see some serious hedge work.


Meet the Matts. With four Matts running around the office one of the best ways to tell them apart is by their beards! We've got a red beard, a scrappy beard, tight trimmed and classy beard of distinction with some silver highlights.


danny copy.jpg

Finally we have Danny and Del. Danny goes for the working man scruff, while Del prefers keeping it centralized on the on the chin for the new age rocker look. 

Whatever the look, we accept all beards choices at DesignAShirt. Thanks for taking time to meet the beard crew. We think the beards add a little magic to our production efforts, order your custom shirt today and see for yourself!

Save Money On Black Friday!

DesignAShirt is kicking off the Holiday sales starting on Black Friday. From 12:00am to 11:59pm Friday November 29th, every purchase through will receive 10% off.  And then on Cyber Monday we will be giving away Freebie T-shirts every hour!

This 10% off is good for ANYTHING in our inventory, and in any style and color. That means sweatshirts, hats, polos, long sleeves, and of course T-shirts! Give the people in your life a customized gift this holiday and it will surely be a one of a kind present.

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We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and we look forward to treating our customers with awesome holiday savings!